CPEC to uplift socioeconomic development in Balochistan: Senator Samina Mumtaz

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ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri  said that there are wide and attractive investment opportunities for national and foreign investors in Balochistan.

She expressed these views while talking to a delegation here. She said that Allah Almighty has enriched Balochistan with many natural treasures and the world’s most abundant natural resources are found here.

She said that the people associated with industry and trade have bright prospects for increasing national production and providing wide employment opportunities and accessing the commercial markets of neighboring countries.

Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahri said that Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo is paying full attention to the vision of bringing Balochistan at par with other provinces and the same rapid development in all areas of the province is the first priority.

“We have to give full attention to the functioning of technical institutions in the province and to teach modern skills to the new generation so that the industrial and commercial sectors can be developed on modern lines”, she added.

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Senator Samina said that China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a game-changer in the region from which Balochistan will have to use all its resources properly to benefit from the fruits of CPEC.

She said that Balochistan will benefit the most from the recent Reko diq Agreement, this project will provide innumerable employment opportunities for the people of Balochistan in a few years and at the same time, the share received by Balochistan will help Balochistan to go on the path of rapid development.

Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahri told the delegation that Balochistan has a vast sea, which can be used to earn a large foreign exchange and by developing fisheries related issues on better and modern scientific methods.

There are also attractive opportunities for foreign investors in this sector which will not only benefit the people involved in this sector but also earn a lot of foreign exchange for Pakistan and Balochistan.

Apart from this, there are many sectors in Balochistan in which there are excellent and attractive opportunities for investment. Investment in these sectors will not only provide employment to the local people of Balochistan, but also new ways of long-term and rapid development in Pakistan and Balochistan will open, she concluded.

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