National artist stuns art lovers with vibrant paintings

Azerbaijani artist Eldar Babazada has taken part in the 17th International Art Symposium on Contemporary Art on the theme “Symphony of Labor”, Azernews reports.

Around 35 artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan took part in the art symposium held at Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve in Tatarstan, Russia.

For 10 days, the artists created nearly 130 artworks, including 50 paintings, 11 graphics, and 69 art pieces on the theme of the national traditions of different peoples.

“The art symposium focuses on creative activity, fruitful communication, mutual enrichment of experience, as well as interest in the cultural traditions of different peoples which is an important part of national identity in contemporary fine arts. All those things are realized by the popularization of the national heritage through painting and graphics,” Eldar Babazada told Trend Life.

“Within the art symposium, I have taken part in hot enamel master class and workshop on board painting, creating artworks penetrated with the national color as well as a painting dedicated to the oil industry and the work of Azerbaijani oil workers,” the artist said.

The artist also presented two paintings, painted earlier, which reflect the given theme of work. One of them depicts a craftswoman weaving a carpet, and the other depicts a woman baking bread in a tandir (clay oven).

Rich in colors, these canvases brilliantly demonstrate the national heritage of the Azerbaijani people.

All paintings are created with great skill inherent to those artists, whose creative path is marked not only by natural talent but the eternal creative search.

So it’s no wonder that Eldar Babazada’s art aroused great interest among the guests of the symposium.

The exposition held within the art symposium will last until August 19.