People to hear ‘good news’ on election soon, says Sheikh Rashid

Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid on Friday said that Pakistanis would soon hear “good news” of fresh elections in October 2022 coupled with announcement of a caretaker set up in the country.

In a tweet, he said that the government and the opposition reached an understanding to hold fresh elections in October 2022.

“Instead of a by-election, matters have been decided on new elections,” he wrote. “The elections will take place in October 2022 and the decision of a new election commission and caretaker government will be heard by the public soon.”

In an apparent reference to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, he added “those who are in quarantine have also agreed to the elections.”

Moreover, he added that rupee’s fall coupled with sharp hike in electricity and gas prices would shut down the markets.

“The political reputation of the

allies has turned into ashes,” he wrote. “It is neither able to show its faces to the public, nor is it able to attract foreign help.”

A crisis similar to Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Iraq is brewing in Pakistan, he said, adding that four governments in Europe have been sent home over the past few days as well.

However, he noted that Pakistan Democratic Movement Chief Fazl-ur-Rehman was not on board for the election decision.

On Thursday, Fazl stated that the coalition government, led by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), will complete its remaining term and the elections will be held on time.

He also said that PDM would purge the country of the mess created by Imran Khan in the past four years.

We will take the country forward and put it on the path of development, Fazl said, adding that the present government will not only complete the remaining term but will also defeat Imran Khan and “his sponsors”.

He said the PDM meeting will continue for a few more days and critical decisions will be taken to put the country in the right direction. He said that the remaining one-year term was not sufficient to purge the country of the mess created by Imran Khan; therefore, the PDM will also form the next government and by taking necessary steps will correct the direction of the country.