Azerbaijani national dancer enjoys int’l success

According to the Most Fashionable Awards, Farid Kazakov has been named the best dancer, Azernews reports.

Initiated by the World Beauty Congress, the prize is given to public figures, who have achieved huge success in various fields and can share their experience with others. In Azerbaijan, the Most Fashionable Awards features 88 nominations.

In 2020, Azerbaijani dancer was in the TOP 5 nominees for the best dancer title. However, the awarding ceremony was postponed for two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The national dancer got the most of the votes (21.295) and became the winner of this nomination.

Speaking to Azernews, Farid Kazakov said that the international prize inspires him for new achievements and actions.

“I am very glad that through my work I have brought dance art to a new level. Unfortunately, dancers, especially ballet dancers are deprived of due attention in comparison with other creative professions. I have always seen and felt this and it weighed me down. When I was a child, I told myself that I would do everything to change the narrative. Thank you all for your votes, love, and support of my work. Now, I will work for you in a new status,” the dancer said.

The dancer also shared his joy with Medeniyyet TV where he was invited as a guest.

However, Farid Kazakov’s accomplishments do not end there. The dancer made it to the finals of Central Asia’s Got Talent. In his new interview with the famous blogger Masi, he frankly spoke about his participation in the talent show and revealed the sensational details.

Recall that Farid Kazakov is a well-known Azerbaijani and Russian dancer. He is a two-time winner of the prize Most professional young dancer in Azerbaijan. Moreover, the dancer’s name has entered the book dedicated to Azerbaijan’s prominent public and cultural figures.

In 2021, the dancer won the prize Turkiye Zirve Odulleri in Turkey. He got the title of the Most Talented Dancer of Turkey 2021.

Over this time, Farid Kazakov participated in many large-scale projects.

Kazakov won the Grand Prix of the St. Petersburg Open Word National Award 2020 in performing arts. The dancer also thrilled the audience with a one-man show Enuement which premiered at the YARAT Contemporary Art Space this year.

The one-man show, staged by Russian director Louise Eyre, is considered the first solo choreographic performance in Azerbaijan.

In 2021, Kazakov was appointed ambassador of the European Cultural Association.

The dancer became the first official representative of Azerbaijan and Turkey within the European Cultural Association.

Kazakov also shares his skills and knowledge with young people. Farid has been training future gymnasts since 2012.