Alia Bhatt on ‘casual’ sexism in Bollywood: ‘I was subject to extreme misogyny’

Alia Bhatt talked about facing casual sexism and how she has been receiving random sexist comments overtime in Bollywood.

Alia said that she did not realise it was sexism when hearing those comments; however, she became aware of it later. She also stated that it annoys her when she hears such sexist comments.

When asked if she had faced casual sexism in Bollywood like fellow women producers and actors, the Student Of The Year actor replied, “I think from time to time I have faced that– casual sexism. Many times I would not notice it. When I think back now because I am so much more aware of it, it just makes so much sense as ‘oh my god that was such a sexist comment, or that I was basically a subject of extreme misogyny in that moment. That’s why now I am so much more sensitive. Sometimes my friends go like ‘what’s wrong with you, why have you become so aggressive?’”

She further added, “But it’s not about that, just random things like ‘don’t be so sensitive, you’re being so sensitive, are you PMSing. I am not being sensitive, and even if I am PMSing so what? You were born because women were PMSing. It gets me so annoying[sic] when people say these random things. It’s just casual.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Alia is all set for the release of her maiden production film, Darlings, which is scheduled to release on August 5, 2022, on Netflix.