Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has escalated tension in the region

Islamabad (PEN): Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has escalated tensions in the region, especially with the United States of America. And China has been doing very meaningful engagement with the main stakeholdersespecially with the US . I must say that China is still showing great restrain from any misadventure in any military escalation, which is indeed a very commendable thing. But unfortunately, the hawk sitting in the Joe Biden administration has designed and schemed to further highlight the socalled Taiwan independence plan, in order to further isolate China in the region, especially the Indo-Pacific region, and further consolidate antiChinese doctrine in the region. So that’s why regional experts have advocated getting the discard of the expected or speculative visit of Nancy Pelosi. But unfortunately, that did not happen. And now we are facing a new reality of this integration, new reality of regional rivalry, new reality of reunification of Taiwan with Chinese mainland. And in this regard, the Chinese armed forces have already announced their strong resolve for the rapid reunification of Taiwan.

So that’s why it has already been announced that the Chinese Liberation Army will hold a very comprehensive trial around the Island of Taiwan, and will also test properly the different, short, medium, and long range missiles, which will signal the military resolve, the military readiness, professional preparedness, and technical, comparative advantages of the Chinese armed forces against any external, third-party aggression.

To conclude, it is very sad and unfortunate day in the history of Indo-Pacific region,despite the best efforts, diplomatic effortsof China, Chinese policy makers and Chinese comment, and especially after Chinese president Xi Jinping held adialogue with Biden. The hawk sitting in the Joe Biden administration has discarded all the good faith, good spirits of China. And I fear that the social economic, geopolitical, strategic comparison,conditions, and compromises will change and change very soon.