Country’s heading towards default, warns Sh Rashid

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Sunday warned that the country is heading towards default.

In a statement on Twitter, the former Federal Minister while talking about the economic crisis in the country criticized the incumbent government. He said that the foreign exchange reserves, remittances and exports are decreasing, while the Finance Minister levies taxes one week and withdraws them the next week.

Sheikh Rashid added that all the constitutional amendments done by the coalition government so far are not for the country but for their own interests. He also underscored August as an important month for the state.

Carrying on with the criticism he said that the political leaders have been trying to clean the dirty roles they have played in the political domain by presenting themselves as innocent in media.

“The politicians are washing the stains of their dirty politics in media,” he said.

Furthermore, he said Asif Zardari and Sharif family are behind the theories developed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).