Kriti Sanon admits she ‘sulks and cries’ when her movies fail

Kriti Sanon recently revealed how she deals with the failure of her films, saying she sulks and cries when her movies don’t do well.

Kriti, while talking to Bollywood Hungama, emphasized on the importance of facing one’s emotions and said that it’s not always possible to hide your feelings under the carpet.

As per the Bollywood starlet: “If we felt hurt, we cried. When we felt like laughing, we laughed. We didn’t care what people were thinking. But I think as we keep growing, maturity is somehow equivalent to handling yourself a certain way in front of people.”

Kriti further added: “I’m low, I would not want to talk to anyone. Or I might be on a phone call with a friend and I might rant what I’m feeling. But I think I do realize that everything you like goes on and you have to move on.”

She also shared: “There is nothing more you can do as an actor beyond a point. You take the experience, whatever you learn from it and you accept what has happened and move on to the next. There will be always a next hopefully.”

Kriti is currently working on films Ganapath: Part I, Shehzada, Adipurush and Bhediya.