PM strenuously working to reduce difficulties faced by masses: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD  – Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said promises made with the public in the budget vis-à-vis relief, reducing inflation and bolstering exports by strengthening the agriculture, industrial and IT sectors will be fulfilled.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Thursday, she said the economic policies are heading in the right direction.

She pointed out that the rupee has started appreciating against dollar as a result of these policies. She said the Prime Minister is strenuously working to reduce the difficulties faced by the masses.

The Information Minister regretted that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan has resorted to shameful tactics including social medial campaign against martyrs of Lasbela incident to divert attention from the foreign funding received by the party from three hundred and fifty one companies and thirty four foreign nationals.

She said the acts of Imran Khan have not only dented the image of the PTI but also the country. She said a PTI leader crossed the constitutional red lines when through a statement on a private channel, he tried to incite mutiny in the rank and file of the military.

Counting the development projects executed by the PML-N in the era of Nawaz Sharif, she said Imran Khan on the other hand has only tried to stoke chaos and anarchy in the country. She said Imran Khan stands exposed and that he can no longer hoodwink the youth.