Naval Forces are on Guard of the Sacred Borders of the Homeland

Today, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who is on leave in the Balkan Velayat, visited the “Garşy” military unit of the Naval Forces located in the western region and inspected the “Deňiz han” corvette class warship.

A priority objective of the state policy are the pledging of security of our Homeland, and ensuring the reliability and inviolability of sea borders in accordance with the Military Doctrine of independent neutral Turkmenistan, which is purely defensive in nature. In this context, it was the first time over the years of sovereignty in the history of our Homeland that a garrison of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of the country was established.

In the modern epoch, along with other troops of the National Army, the material and technical resources of the Navy is steadily upgraded by providing it with the latest technology and equipment, ships of various classes and types. In order to train highly professional personnel in demand for service on the warships of the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service, the Naval Institute of the Ministry of Defense was established with a specialized school within it, which is a personnel training center for the Navy. During the demonstration tactical exercises, military sailors, acting in a coordinated manner with representatives of all types of troops of the Armed Forces of the country, demonstrated high combat skills and mastery in using the latest technology.

In the year ongoing under the motto “People’s Epoch with Arkadag” of the period of the Revival of The New Epoch of the Powerful State, officers and sailors perform their military duties in the ranks of the Navy, successfully implementing the provisions outlined in the Military Doctrine based on the principles of the legal neutrality status. Putting above all their duty to defend the Homeland, they serve as a steel shield, an indestructible stronghold of our Homeland and people on the sea border, and maintain peace and security at the Caspian Sea, continuing with honor the glorious traditions of our courageous ancestors…

Early in the morning, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country arrived at the venue by helicopter.

Here, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was warmly welcomed by the heads of military and law enforcement agencies.

Minister of Defense, Secretary of the State Security Council B. Gundogdyev reported to the President of Turkmenistan on the preparedness for the presentation of the corvette class military vessel “Deňiz han” of the Naval Forces.

Having accepted the report, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country proceeded by car to the pier.

It should be noted that a year ago the “Garşy” military unit was opened and put into service with the personal participation of Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The military unit has a berth for military vessels, where the corvette class ship “Deňiz han”, built with the participation of domestic professionals at a shipyard of the Naval Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan, was moored.

The ship captain, having reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country on the preparedness for the presentation of the combat vessel, requested a permission to raise the State Flag of Turkmenistan and the Flag of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. The National Anthem of Turkmenistan was played, to the sounds of which the green Flag of the Homeland and the Flag of the Naval Forces were raised.

It should be noted that this combat vessel opened the review of the Navy at the solemn parade held on October 27, 2021 on the occasion of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of the native land. Sailors perform irreproachable service on such modern warships and stand vigilantly on guard of the sea borders of Turkmenistan.

Then, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov learnt in detail about the combat capabilities, technical specifications and design features of a modern vessel, its functions and compartments. “Deňiz han” is designed to hit submarines and surface warships, single land and air targets, as well as targets of the enemy’s navy strike groups. At the same time, it performs such tasks as destroying the fleet and landing troops of the enemy, protecting the domestic forces, conducting integrated reconnaissance, monitoring surface, underwater and air spaces, protecting the state border at sea, maintaining the safety of navigation and carrying out rescue operations.

It should be noted that the ship’s crewmembers undergo special training and improve their skills in a number of countries around the world, in particular in Italy, Germany, Turkey, etc.

The ship also has everything necessary for the effective service and recreation of officers and military sailors.

During the examination of the warship specifications by the head of state, the ship captain expressed deep gratitude to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country for creating the conditions for the successful fulfillment of responsible tasks and assured, on behalf of the entire personnel of the Naval Forces, Head of State Serdar Berdimuhamedov that they would continue to honestly their perform their duties within the framework of the military doctrine of the Homeland, maintaining the security and defending inviolability of the sea borders of Turkmenistan, and making every effort to ensure that the Caspian Sea always remains a sea of friendship and understanding.

Then the President of the country proceeded to the administrative building of the military unit, where he asked about the possibilities of an automated workplace for operational duty officers. One of the officers on duty briefed the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan with the activities of the command post and the tasks performed by the military personnel.

As was noted, along with the introduction of advanced technologies, the operation of the latest equipment and software, and the effective use of information resources, digital transformation in the military sector also implies fundamental changes in management approaches. In this context, in accordance with the Digitalization Development Concept for 2019-2025, practical steps are taken to timely implement the provisions outlined in this policy document.

The advanced technologies and digital system installed here, the electronic map, as well as the special software for the information and control system developed by the officers of the country’s Naval services, allow for the constant monitoring of passenger and military ships in the Caspian Sea. Radar equipment is used to watch the coastal part of the sea, as well as technical systems available on board of the combat ships.

Using the digital and satellite navigation systems, the location of ships, their provision with fuel and water are identified, which makes it possible to maintain constant communication with warships from the command post. The collected information is accumulated and processed in the management department. The equipment available facilitates the performance of basic functional duties and allows for quickly sending information to the destination.

A serviceman of the unit, expressing sincere gratitude to the head of Turkmen state for the constant attention to improving the service and living conditions of officers and military seamen, assured, on behalf of the entire personnel of the Navy, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country that the Homeland defenders will continue to perform their sacred military duty with honor, and resolve all the tasks assigned to them under the defensive Military Doctrine.

While getting acquainted with the operationk of the command post, the captain of the “Deňiz han” vessel addressed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov via a direct line with a request to launch a solemn naval parade.

The President of Turkmenistan gave the command to launch the review, which presented various types of ships, combat boats of the Naval Forces, the State Border Service, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and National Security, which vigilantly guard the security and integrity of the sea borders of the Homeland with the total length of 600 kilometers.

The parade was opened by the “Arkadag” border patrol boat, which has proven to be effective in protecting the sea borders of our Homeland.

It was followed by the main strike forces of the Navy, including the “Edermen” and “Gaýratly” missile boats, equipped with the most modern weapons and designed to destroy the enemy’s surface and low-flying air targets, neutralizing the enemy’s landing group and reliably protecting our state at the sea.

Then the 60-meter long tug and supply ship of the Naval Forces “Eserdeň” paraded, which is used to supply fuel, drinking water, food and other provisions and equipment, as well as in rescue operations and rendering assistance to the crews of the ships that were wrecked.

Patrol vessels of various classes continued the naval review. These included “Algyr” and “Hanjar”, border patrol boats “Asuda”, “Mergen”, “Hüşgär” and “Synmaz” made under the “Galkan” project, as well as “Naýza”, “Kämil”, “Galjaň” and “Gaplaň” of the “Sakçy” project, which are owned by the State Border Service. These ships are to combat the enemy’s underwater, surface and air targets, as well as to perform search and rescue operations. In addition, reliably guarding the Homeland’s sea borders, they are used for reconnaissance and ships surveillance.

During the parade, the “Umman” hydrographic ship, which is designed to ensure the safety of ships in the Turkmen section of the Caspian Sea and carry out hydrographic and oceanographic work, was also presented to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country. Its main functions also include bathymetric measurements in the sea, the exploration of the relief of the seabed, underwater video and photo recording, and the study of the composition of water.

Next came the tugboats “Gujurly” and “Zarply” of the Naval Forces of the State Border Service, used for rescue operations in the sea, fire extinguishing, transporting non-self-propelled vessels and supporting their maneuvers.

The cargo ship “Kuwwatly” of the State Border Service and the landing storm-boat “Berkarar” of the Naval Forces, designed to land Special Forces, troops and military equipment, as well as to transport them, continued the parade.

The “Asuda” hydrographic vessel, which is used to explore the relief of the sea depths, measure the depth of the seabed and collect underwater data, became another ship presented at the review. It should be noted that after the opening of the shipbuilding and ship repair enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan on the initiative of the Hero Arkadag in 2015, this ship began to explore the seabed.

It was followed by three border patrol boats of the “TG-12 Bars” project of the State Border Service. These vessels are used for patrol, search and reconnaissance purposes in inland waters.

Live on the monitor were four “Master-651” type patrol boats of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, high-speed “Zodiac” type motor boats of the Ministry of National Security, as well as “Dahl 20” type combat boats with an outboard motor owned by the State Border Service.

Like any country with access to the sea, Turkmenistan has warships to protect the sea borders and maintain peace and tranquility. It should be noted that these ships paraded at the solemn military review that took place in the fall of 2021 on the significant occasion of our Homeland – the 30th anniversary of sacred independence.

Having pointed out with satisfaction the high level of the review of the national fleet in the Caspian Sea, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov stressed that the state would continue to pay special attention to enhancing the material and technical resources of the Naval Forces, improving the professional skills of military sailors, and ensuring the reliability and inviolability of sea borders. The sacred duty of the servicemen of this type of troops is to perform the tasks outlined in the defensive Military Doctrine, the President of Turkmenistan said. Having expressed firm confidence that the officers and sailors of the Naval Forces will carry out the assigned responsible and noble mission with honor, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country gave a number of specific instructions to the heads of law enforcement agencies.

As is known, a comprehensive foundation was laid for the formation of a powerful Navy in the western region of the Homeland at the initiative of Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who emphasizes that the Caspian Sea should be a sea of understanding, friendship, good relations and effective cooperation.

The large-scale work being carried out for further development of the Naval Forces in the year ongoing under the motto “People’s Epoch with Arkadag” is successfully carried on under the wise leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country Serdar Berdimuhamedov. At present, the material and technical resources of the Navy is steadily upgraded, both through the purchase of the most modern equipment, machinery and ships and building its own ships. The combat and theoretical training of military sailors is enhanced. Measures are taken to systematically improve the conditions for their service and life.

The current event was another illustration in this respect. Moreover, the review of the ships of the Navy of the Armed Forces of the country clearly demonstrated that the sea borders of independent neutral Turkmenistan are in reliable hands.

It should be noted that the facilities of this military unit of the Naval Forces were built in accordance with modern requirements in this area. It has an administrative building and related infrastructure facilities. The main building housed the management department, as well as workrooms for military sailors on duty. The conditions created for the service of military personnel and sailors make it possible to successfully complete the missions assigned to them.

A training building is also arranged within the unit, where the latest technical equipment is installed. Through digital systems, training is conducted on operating warships, using specialized equipment, and monitoring the sea area. Advanced teaching methods are used in the training process, which allows cadets to get appropriate education, and young officers to improve their skills.

As President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasizes, the creation of optimal conditions for the service and life of the Homeland defenders is one of the priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan, and the ongoing military reform. In this context, it should be noted that the quarters and the canteen for military personnel fully meet modern requirements.

There are also outdoor and indoor sports grounds where the personnel of the military unit can engage in various sports, spending their leisure time usefully.

The medical unit with the latest equipment that meets international standards has everything necessary to provide medical care to military personnel and their families.

In addition, there are two modern three-story 60-apartment residential houses with a convenient layout, as well as a two-story hostel for young officers. They provide comfortable living and recreation conditions.

As is known, in recent years, great attention has been paid on the national scale to provide access for Turkmen citizens of all ages, especially young people, to creative art and music engagement. Therefore, ample opportunities have been created in the local House of Culture for the military personnel to realize their talents.

The structure of the military unit also includes a modern library with a reading room equipped with a digital system. A rich book collection allows the Homeland defenders to broaden their knowledge and spend their free time reading various literature, including novels.

The facilities also include a general education school with the advanced technological equipment in the classrooms. The educational process is organized according to modern methods, which makes it possible to arouse interest in knowledge and science among children.

The necessary conditions have been created in the two-story building of the kindergarten for children to have an interesting and useful pastime, as well as for teaching them the basics of literacy. There are several rooms, where, at the request of the children, classes are conducted in various fields. Particular attention is paid to the development of labor skills in children, which is of great importance in the context of raising a hardworking and well-educated young generation. There are well-equipped children’s playgrounds.

In addition to specialized facilities, there is a department store offering customers a wide range of consumer goods, which provides additional convenience. There is also a properly equipped room for holding ceremonial events.

Wishing everyone success in performing sacred military duties and proper fulfillment of the responsible mission to maintain peace and security at the border in the waters of the Caspian Sea, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov left the venue.