After torrential rains onion shortage to hit in coming days

The torrential rains in Sindh have not only caused massive damage to the infrastructure but have also destroyed vegetable crops and washed away onion seeds.

As per details, the supply of vegetables from within Sindh has been reduced by 60 percent in Karachi Sabzi Mandi, informed Asif Ahmed, vice chairman of Sabzi Mandi. Asif said that vegetables that are arriving are deteriorating quickly due to water.

Asif said that onion seeds have been planted recently but they were swept away by floods and heavy rains. He said predicted there will be a shortage of tomatoes, onions and green vegetables in the coming days, as vast cultivable area of Sindh has been affected due to rains and flood waters.

Waheed Ahmed, patron of the All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association (APF, also expressed concern over the shortage of onions in the coming days, saying that Balochistan’s crop is currently in the market which cannot meet the demand of the country.

Onions cannot be grown underwater, so demand will have to be met from imported onions. On the other hand, in the vegetable markets of Karachi, tomatoes have once again reached Rs 100 per kg, potatoes are being sold at Rs 60 to 70, onions are being charged at Rs 70, cucumbers at Rs 80 per kg.