Mehwish salutes resilience of occupied Kashmir people against Indian oppression

KARACHI – Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has saluted the resilience of occupied Kashmir people against Indian oppression.

In a post on social-networking website, the actress stated, “I salute the resilience of Kashmir people against oppression. Their voice will always be louder than any war crimes inflicted upon them even if the international community has forsaken them!”

Earlier, Mehwish Hayat had given a mouth shutting response to Indian allegations after she posted about human rights violation in occupied Kashmir.

The actress said, “I will not give credence to the unfounded accusations being made about me in some Indian media by issuing a statement.”

“I know exactly what their agenda is and why they’re doing this. All I will say to them is that this kind of gutter journalism will not shut me up,” she added.

In another tweet, Mehwish said, “I will continue to highlight their atrocities in Kashmir and to call out Bollywood for its hypocrisy. Oh between next time if you want to link my name with someone. May I suggest Leonardo?”