H.E. Nong Rong appointed as new Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing has been called back to Beijing in his home country for further posting directives two months ahead of his 3 year stint as Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan. China has appointed provincial minister Nong Rong in his place to Ambassadorial position in Pakistan. H.E. Nong Rong has vast experience in the field of trade and commerce.

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador for Pakistan Yao Jing has been transferred back to headquarters in Beijing for next posting. He has been transferred two months before completing his three-year tenure.

China has designated Nong Rong as new ambassador to Pakistan who is currently a minister in a provincial government. Nong Rong is a political appointee who has expertise in trade and commerce. Unlike the outgoing ambassador, he didn’t serve in Pakistan before the appointment. Ambassador Yao Jing served in Pakistan thrice in various capacities and in aggregate stayed in Islamabad for eleven years.