CPEC to boost regional trade: Vice President SAARC

Vice President SAARC Haji Ghulam Ali held a meeting with Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Akan Rakhmetullin. During meeting, Haji Ghulam highlighted the significance of CPEC in promoting regional connectivity and trade. He said completion of CPEC related projects would help to boost bilateral trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan. The development of Gwadar port under CPEC would facilitate regional trade.

ISLAMABAD: Vice President FPCCI Qaisar Khan Daudzai and Vice President SAARC Haji Ghulam Ali on Thursday held a meeting with Akan Rakhmetullin ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan. Both sides discussed different avenues to boost up bilateral trade and mutual working for exchange of trade delegation from both the countries, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, whereas religious impact have more positive trend over this relation to work in future for enhancement of trade.

Haji Ghulam Ali said that completion of CPEC routes in the region will soon resolve the problems faced by both the countries in bilateral trade and visit of mutual trade delegates will make easy for the both sides’ businessmen to understand the problems faced in exchange of businesses and come to solution for the said problems. Gwadar and Karachi Port links soon will be active while after completion of CPEC, proper facilitation will start to the countries relevant to regional trade.

Qaisar Khan Daudzai, Vice President, FPCCI, said the government had to interlink road communication KP Chitral Root to Kazakhstan via Afghanistan and for this purpose business community of the region and Pakistan as well is ready to support the government even technically on the said platform.

Moreover, Haji Ghulam Ali proposed that the banking channel between both Kazakhstan & Pakistan has to be active and strong for exchange of money for trade activities.-PR