Co-accused in Motorway rape incident surrenders to police, denies involvement

One of the alleged co-accused in Lahore Motorway gang-rape case has surrendered himself to police in Model Town area, media reported on Sunday.

As per details, accused Waqarul Hassan reached Model Town police station and surrendered himself to CIA officials. In his initial statement, the suspect refused of his involvement in the gang-rape incident and said he has nothing to do with the incident.

The 36-year-old surrendered after his CNIC card and picture were flashed across multiple television channels. The police are interrogating him and will investigate further.

The police said the accused also has a criminal background and was released from jail two weeks ago.

Pictures of two suspects, Abid Malhi and Waqarul Hasan, were released to the public in Motorway rape incident.

The Punjab police announced prize money of Rs2.5 million to help arrest the suspects. On September 9, a woman was allegedly gang raped during a robbery bid in Gujjarpura along the recently inaugurated Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The new Motorway currently has no rest stops or service stations as of yet.

Police said the victim was travelling with her children in a car when the vehicle stalled due to lack of petrol. She called a relative and sent him her location on the Motorway. When the relative arrived at the location, he saw the victim driving the car towards them with broken window panes.

The woman told police that she was waiting for the family to arrive to pick her and the children when two armed assailants allegedly attacked her.

One suspect hit the car with clubs and the other held them hostage at gunpoint. The attackers then took her and the children to a nearby forested area where the victim claims they gang raped her. Later on, they robbed her of valuables and left her stranded.