Senate rejects Anti-Terrorism Act (amendment) Bill

A day after it was passed by the National Assembly, the Senate on Wednesday rejected the Anti-Terrorism Act (amendment) Bill, 2020.

This is the third Financial Action Task Force (FATF) related legislation to have been blocked by the opposition-dominated upper house. The bill was tabled by Senator Sajjad Hussain Turi.

According to the bill, the investigating officer, with the permission of the court, can conduct operations within 60 days to detect terrorism funding, track communications and computer system by applying latest technologies.

The bill said that funding for terrorism was a major obstacle in the country’s development and was benefiting those elements which a threat to internal and external peace of the country.

The objective of the bill is to ‘enable law enforcement authorities to take certain encountering techniques with authoritative support of the courts of law to curb with these menaces.

During the vote today, out of 104 members, 31 voted in favour of passing the bill on terror financing while 34 voted against it. The Senate session has been adjourned till Friday.