China says WTO report proves U.S. has been breaking international rules

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday (September 16) that a ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) proved the United States had been breaking international trade rules.

The WTO ruled that additional tariffs imposed by the United States against China in 2018 were inconsistent with global trading rules.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a press briefing that China hoped the United States would respect the ruling.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the territory’s Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development, Edward Yau, said the Hong Kong government objected to U.S. requirements that Hong Kong products must be labelled “made in China”.

“The basic reason for Hong Kong’s actions is that such requirements on origin marking go contrary to WTO regulations, and also it infringes on Hong Kong’s rights as a separate customs territory, and our rights under the WTO”, Yau said.

Yau told media that Hong Kong reserved the right to take action against the U.S. under WTO rules, and that the U.S.’s move “infringes (upon) Hong Kong’s rights as a separate customs territory”.

Washington’s move last month followed China’s imposition of a national security law on the former British colony and a U.S. decision to end a special status that had allowed Hong Kong different treatment from the rest of China.