Imran has no fear of playing with national interests: Marriyum

LAHORE – Referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Saturday that he had no fear of playing with national interests.

The minister, while addressing a presser at Model Town, said he used youngsters for undertaking attacks on state. She said he was not afraid of violating constitution and conspiring against state.

Marriyum said Imran did not appear before courts on several occasions. “He advances lame excuses of his ailment and threat to his life at every forum. Thief, corrupt, liar and terrorist is roaming freely. A man (Imran) goes to courts with sticks, kalashnikovs and other weapons. Are courts scared of threats and armed groups?” she questioned.

The minister said weapons and sticks were being waved over the vehicle carrying Imran to court, but he was getting relief.“There is no one to ask him. Ladla (favourite) and goon is getting huge relief from courts. Is Imran above the law? Everyone knows about crimes committed by PTI chief,” she maintained.

She said, “Imran forced president, speaker and deputy speaker to breach the constitution. He is roaming freely. The justice must be dispensed.” She said Imran told foreign media that he had protective bail, but he was lying. Then he said he had life threats, he was handicapped, he was an elderly person and ill due to which he was unable to attend courts.

If he had protective bail then why he advanced lame excuses of being ill and incapacitated? Why he did not show the police his protective bail order when latter came to arrest him, she questioned. Marriyum further asked that why did he give undertaking when he had protect bail.

The minister said, “It cannot happen at the same time that people get punishment for contempt of court while personnel of law enforcement agencies who are enforcing law obeying court orders are attacked. And then these attackers are given relief. It makes the state a worthless entity and make it stand nowhere.”