China through the Eyes of Asia-Pacific people

“I learned about electronic payments from Chinese TV dramas many years ago,” “I was shocked by China’s progress in infrastructure, development, and modernization,” “If I have the opportunity to go to China someday, that would be a very cool thing.” These are the new impressions of China from friends in Asia-Pacific countries. Why do they always compare “Chinese wisdom” when it comes to infrastructure and technological development? What makes them think that having the chance to come to China is cool?

With these questions in mind, friends from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Jakarta, Kathmandu, and Islamabad talked about their impressions of China and the changes it brought to their lives. Spicy hot pot, high-speed rail, shared bicycles, smartphones, film and television dramas, the Belt and Road Initiative, from basic necessities of life to science and technology education, from the concept of governance to modernization, how do they view China?

China’s first experience is fast and convenient.

It is quite convenient to travel in the Asia-Pacific region. Many friends in the Asia-Pacific region have been to China, where they found convenient payment methods and advanced transportation facilities, making shopping and traveling easy and fast.

The temptation of Chinese cuisine is satisfyingly spicy.

As food is an essential part of life. The word “spicy” is a high-frequency vocabulary in the cuisines of the Asia-Pacific region. After tasting various Chinese delicacies, many neighbors express that they can’t get enough of the “spicy and enjoyable” flavors. From Mala Tang to Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese food has become a favorite for many.

China’s products offer advanced technology and a fresh lifestyle.

Chinese products are also of high quality and reasonably priced, attracting many fans of “Made in China”. The country’s focus on polishing advanced technology and promoting high-quality development has allowed Chinese products to go beyond the circle of influence. Chinese film and television dramas, documentaries, and Spring Festival Gala are popular in Asia-Pacific countries and have countless fans. China’s products have brought rich and diverse life experiences to the people in the Asia-Pacific region.

“One Belt, One Road,” the Chinese solution, is truly desirable.

The “Belt and Road” initiative has promoted interconnection, communication, and regional economic integration between China and its neighbors in the Asia-Pacific. In the past decade, the cooperation projects between China and its Asia-Pacific neighbors have created more colorful and sweet lifestyles for people in the region. China has also shared its advanced technology and management experience with other countries and practiced good-neighborliness, security, and prosperity, amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness.

Asia-Pacific neighbors eagerly anticipate China’s modernization goals, hoping that Chinese governance and solutions will bring more “spicy and flavorful” lives to them in the future.